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Pannu Eye Hospital started the service of masses in the Holy city of Tarn-Taran and now has two units-one in Amritsar and other in Tarn Taran. We are providing affordable eye care to the people especially rural population. In the world out of population of estimated 42 million blind people, 40 % are blind due to Cataract. In India Cataract is responsible for 81% of the blindness. Glaucoma is also another main cause of curable blindness with 13% people blind due to Glaucoma.

 We provide world class treatment for the management of Cataract and Glaucoma. We also provide specialized treatment for pediatric cases especially those with strabismus, ptosis, lid and lacrimal problems.

 Dr. Ranbir Sing Pannu is the Chief Eye Surgeon & Director of Pannu Eye Care Clinics. He has a long and varied experience spanning more than 25 years in providing eye care to the masses. He served the state Health services cadre. He is a member of many professional organization glorious among them are the All India Ophthalmological Society (AIOS), North Zone Ophthalmological Society-India (NZOS), Punjab Ophthalmological Society (POS), Intra-Ocular & Lens Implant Society, Amritsar Academy of Ophthalmology.

email :  Dr. R.S Pannu


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