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What is Conjunctivitis?

Inflammation of the Conjunctiva. It can occur at any age  & equally affects both sexes.

Is Conjunctivitis contagious?

Yes. Highly contiguous transmitted directly by discharge. It is advice hot to use towels, utensils, soap etc. of person having conjunctivitis.

What are the symptoms?

-    Discomfort

-    Foreign body sensation

-    Red eye

-    Discharge

-    Blurring of vision

-    Colored halo

What are the signs?

Lid edema, chemosis, matting of the eyelashes, conjunctival congestion mucopurelent discharge.  

How long does it persists?

Usually conjunctivitis is self limiting condition duration of less than 1-4 weeks.  

Who all are more prone to this condition?

Newborn –1st  4 weeks of life ( ophthalmia neonatorum)

In children (2-8 years): who have not been immunized, malnourished, weak& living in unhygienic condition.

In adults: living in unhygienic conditions, poor immune defence mechanism.

What are the complication?

  • Blepharitis- chronic inflammation of  lid margins.

  • Cornea involvement.

  • Chronic dacryocystitis

What prevention measures one should take?

  • Do not  use towels ,utensil, soap etc. of infected person

  • Use of sunglasses as it prevents  auto infection in the other eye if one is already infected.

  • Wash your hands after handshaking with infected person

  • Personal hygiene

  • Hygienic environment

Consult an Ophthalmologist for the treatment as early as possible to prevent complications.


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